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Nigeria trust and growth
Nigeria trust and growth
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Through electricity and set a new standard for yourself

Building a knowledge based economy

Setting a new standard for Africa

Through trust and personal pride

This program is about growth; Personal, Business and Nigeria
This program is about growth; Personal, Business and Nigeria

Where your intellectual property builds the economy

Allowing our people to:-

  • Compete internationally and
  • Become trustworthy international trading partners
  • It is also a spesific objective to increase downstream economic devlopment through electricity and
  • To establish job growth through midsize business development��
    A vision of growth

    A vision of growth

Building wealth and quality living for all our people, within a framework of environmental and social responsibility

A vision and programme for the 21st century

The objectives are:-

  • To support our national goals, our President, Congress and the people of Nigeria
  • To unlock the full potential of the electricity industry
  • To deliver reliable electricity to Nigeria
  • To accelerate economic growth
  • To assist business, industry and communities to develop downstream opportunities to build wealth and increase the quality of live for all in Nigeria. and

Building a new future for our members and the workers and people of Nigeria and that of Africa.

The Vision

This is the proposed vision of the leadership of the National Union of Energy Employees of Nigeria to develop:
An international competitive workforce
Within a framework of partnerships;-

  • To provide the electricity capacity and supportive downstream economic development that will enable;
  • Nigeria and Africa to move from a mineral income based economy to:-

Knowledge income based economy.

  • To apply and cultivate future directed leader and directorship to build;-

  • economic growth that ensures a quality life to our people;
  • Within a framework of environmental and social responsibility.
  • Through sound administrations and the development of the knowledge base of our people
  • Empowering them to lead with global partners in every sphere of human endeavor

To be proud and live their lives rich and fulfilled as global citizens.